Let’s create a green tomorrow!

Greentom is on a mission: designing, developing and producing 100% green products that make the world and the future of our children a greener one.

Their design philosophy is “less is more”. Designing a green product starts at their drawing table by omitting all superfluous details.

Greentom products are always 100% green, always made of sustainable materials.
It is their ambition to produce locally. This minimizes transportation, stimulates the local economy and decreases the amount of waste. This way our sustainable products become even more sustainable in the future.

Greentom Upp Strollers are different from all other strollers. Its design is not the only distinguishing feature. This stroller really stands out because of its sustainability, as Greentom Upp is the planet’s greenest stroller. It is completely made of recycled plastic; the frame of recycled polypropene and the seat of recycled PET-bottles (soft drink bottles). Its smart design and high quality plastic makes it particularly light and still durable. The simple folding system easily transforms this stroller into a convenient package, which can be carried along anywhere.

Thanks to the frame’s cushioning characteristics and the swivelling wheels carried on double bearings, it will stroll comfortably and, what’s more, in style, because Greentom Upp is available in many colour combinations.


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