Sponky has been created and designed by The Amazing Baby Company’s Managing Director Carrie Edwards-Britt. Carrie Edwards-Britt has been working in the Nursery Industry for over 7 years and has built The Amazing Baby Company to become one of the largest Nursery brand distributors in Australia, herself and her team pride themselves on customer service, product knowledge and distributing high quality and popular nursery items.

From this experience and Carrie’s passion for growing The Amazing Baby Company’s fantastic brands she has created this fun new character for children. Sponky is a Chihuahua who lives in Melbourne, Australia. His range of nursery toys will develop baby and toddlers senses however most important will give them their very own loyal friend to fall in love with. Babies and toddlers will love watching his adventures on YouTube or reading along to his books while cuddling their very own Sponky toy.

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