MiaMily Baby Carrier Wraps for Toddlers & Newborns

MiaMily Baby Harness & Carriers

Carry babies on your chest, facing in or facing the world, or one baby on your back and one on your chest.

The MiaMily carrier will allow you to have ‘life after birth’, as returning to daily life with two babies, or three, can be quite challenging.

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The Amazing Toddler Carrier

The high quality and ergonomic design of the HIPSTER by MiaMily prevents sore backs as the innovative 3D hip seat design allows for proper spinal posture and equal weight distribution so you can carry your baby for longer, more comfortably and with minimal effort. MiaMily also have your baby’s safety and health in mind with a carrier that allows their hips to rest in a healthy position reducing the risk of developing hip dysplasia. The legs wide, knees are lifted at hip level and thighs supported where as traditional baby carriers leave their legs hanging or dangling, which can contribute to abnormal hip development.

Both The International Hip Dysplasia Institute and Baby Carrier Industry Alliance has tested and approved HIPSTER 3D baby hip carrier as a hip healthy product. The MiaMily baby carrier is truly an amazing product. The manufacturers of this product has many years of experience in design and production of baby carriers and related products! Choose from 6 different positions; babies can ride in front or back, facing in or out. Padded in all the right places, it’s completely adjustable to provide comfort and support as babies grow. And as an added value, carriers double as safety restraints in shopping carts and full-sized chairs.

Swiss brand MiaMily, understands the frustrations any parent experiences and are proud to provide the smarter solution to baby carriers that care for your baby’s needs as well as your own. Co-founders, Alessandro and Cecilia are parents themselves and have used their first-hand experience to create a simple, multi-use and stress-free carrier that can be transformed to suit your lifestyle.

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