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HIPSTER™ PLUS is unique because it has a built-in 3D hip seat. It is ergonomically designed to minimize the cause of back pain when holding a baby. We tend to hold babies by resting baby on the side of our hips causing us to twist our spine. With HIPSTER™ PLUS your baby’s weight is distributed evenly on the seat and not your hips, which allows you to hold your baby standing straight up, protecting your back.
The HIPSTER™ PLUS is a game changer because it’s introducing a new category in a traditional market that hasn’t seen any product evolution in the past decade. Our unique 3D hip seat absorbs the weight of your baby so you will feel significantly less pressure on your back and shoulders, this allows you to carry your baby close to you for a longer period of times effortlessly. Another great feature of a 3D baby carrier is you can use the hip seat on its own, meaning your baby can stay close to you without feeling enclosed in. It’s perfect for taking care of house chores at home, when your baby insists on being carried, when you’re out at a friend’s house (where you don’t feel comfortable leaving your baby alone on the floor), or places that are not stroller-friendly like museums, narrow shopping aisles, or smaller restaurants.
HIPSTER™ PLUS is super versatile because you can easily switch between hip seat, double shoulder, and single shoulder. When you use the double shoulder top, it transfers HIPSTER™ PLUS into a traditionally structured carrier, perfect for the times you need to be completely handsfree. The double shoulder straps go over each shoulder and provides a more enclosed hold on your baby. It also provides the most support for your back. In this setup, you can also discreetly nurse your baby when out in public. When you use the single shoulder top, you have one strap over one shoulder and your HIPSTER™ PLUS is transformed into a ring sling, allowing you to carry your baby on your side and be handsfree. This carry position is more suitable for older baby around 6 months as it gives baby more freedom to look around as they are less enclosed in.
No confusing, long straps or intricate systems.The HIPSTER™ PLUS comes assembled so it takes literally seconds to put on. Just wrap the waist belt around your waist and put the double shoulders on your shoulder and click the back strap.
Our carrier is perfect for babies from newborn up to 4 years old or 44 lbs (20 kgs). We recommend using the infant insert until your baby has strong head and neck control, usually that happens around 4 months. We recommend forward facing around 4-6 months. We recommend 6 months for single shoulder carry and 8 months for back carry.
HIPSTER™ PLUS has been submitted and approved by global wide safety standards. The raw materials found in the PU foam insert (used in HIPSTER™ PLUS hip seat) are fire resistant and non-toxic, verified through SGS testing. SGS, is a world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. GLOBALLY: HIPSTER™ PLUS meets the safety standard EN13209-2:2005
Absolutely! It’s super easy to nurse in our carrier.
It’s definitely possible to use the carrier when pregnant. It’s actually very helpful as it helps you support your baby’s weight and relieves the pressure on your back but since every pregnancy is different, we recommend you first consult with your doctor before you choose to carry your child beyond the first trimester.
Our carrier is a Swiss design, assembled responsibility in china. Our co-founder's family has been in manufacturing in China for over 30 years. All carriers are ethically manufactured and need to pass our double quality inspections. Every single carrier is inspected by our manufacturer and then again by our family office in China.
Yes, we do. You can download them here
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