mamaRoo Electronic Baby Bouncer.

The unique development of our company has produced an amazing result. With many years of work by the best specialists in their field including: paediatricians, engineers, designers and even robotics.


The 4moms® mamaRoo.
Cozy as the hands of Mum, the mamaRoo swing is designed in such a way as to reproduce all maternal movements as accurately as possible. mamaRoo Baby Swing. This bouncer is an ingenious baby product because it replicates the motion of bouncing a baby in your arms.

The mamaRoo model takes it one step further with a vibrating sensation and a swinging motion that babies love. Products like the mamaRoo Bouncer have revolutionised the way that parents care for their babies with convenience, style and ingenuity.

From nap-time to playtime, these inventive baby products make caring for a little one easy.

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mamaRoo Baby Swing

This bouncer moves just like Mom or Dad but leaves your arms free to do other things as baby swings and bounces to his or her delight. It actually has five different motions to entertain your child or help soothe them to sleep: the car ride, the kangaroo, the ocean wave, the rock-a-bye and the tree swing. It even has a removable mobile with plush toys, MP3 hookup, built-in nature sounds, LCD display and seat reclining feature. Plus with six removable fabrics to choose from you can coordinate it with your nursery décor.

mamaRoo Baby Rocker

With products like the mamaRoo Bouncer on the market these days, it is simply amazing what parents can do when they welcome a new addition to the family. This product in particular, has made quite an impact on the modern baby market with a combination of functionality, convenience and cool style. Every parent knows that babies love to bounce and swing, but scooping them up in your arms to bounce and swing them can become tiresome after a while. This bouncer can provide all the soothing motions babies love and so much more.

The 4moms rockaRoo Baby Rocker

The developers of 4moms at rockaRoo have invested the maximum of their strength and capabilities. For many months, special sensors were installed on hundreds of parents that recorded all the parameters of rocking babies.

rockaRoo rocking chairs are able to help young mothers to take care of their little one, take some of the burden and worries off their shoulders and free up some time for rest. The possibility of varying the speeds and modes will allow you to accurately adjust to the mood of your little one. After many months of research, 4moms have picked the optimal shape, colour combination and distance to the baby’s eyes. What is good about moving without music? To lull a small child is a real problem. Sometimes mothers have to carry a child in their arms for several hours, singing lullabies to him. rockaRoo will help to solve this problem. The built-in sound system with 5 types of nature sounds, as well as the ability to connect an MP3 player, will give even the most restless kid a good sleep. The ability to lay a child down and have your hands free, but still make your baby feel like their in a mother’s hug is the true benefit of the rockaRoo.

Our mission is to develop dramatically better juvenile products and build a great company. Dramatically better products redefine the most important attribute in their category.