The Difference That a 3D Ergonomic Baby Carrier Offers

Are you a veteran babywearer? Have you tried everything from ring slings and rebozos to the different backpack carriers in the market?


You probably have a favorite by now. As wonderful as your current baby carrier is, you should know that you can do so much better with a 3D ergonomic baby carrier.

Ergonomic is an important buzzword in today’s marketing arena. Technology is developed and advanced to come up with products that deliver optimum comfort and minimize any possibility of injury in their use. After all, scar tissue is no trifling matter. It brings pain and discomfort, lowering the quality of your days.

With many babywearers, any lift in the burden of carrying a baby is already appreciated, so very few register that their carrier doesn’t really promote the right carrying posture or offer the most comfortable babywearing position. As a parent, you need to watch out for your well-being, and with kids, you need to be in tip-top shape in order to keep up and take on the demands of childcare.

Babies may be small, but they can be heavy, especially if you have to carry them for long periods of time. You could also try doing it when you’re carrying a heavy diaper bag or attempting to do other tasks. Moving around with a baby is definitely not easy. It can even lead to injury, so it’s wise to use a carrier with a 3D hipseat that truly absorbs the weight of the baby, such as the MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Carrier, so the weight you bear feels significantly lighter. It should also come with features such as a high waist belt designed to protect your lower back from the strain of carrying a heavy load.

And even more important – because it’s in the nature of parents to put their children’s welfare before theirs – is the comfort of the baby being carried. One of the biggest concerns in correct babywearing is the way the baby’s legs hang. The baby’s hips should be properly supported with the legs always in the M positioning to prevent the development of hip dysplasia. Now, while many carrier manufacturers these days ensure that the baby’s legs are positioned correctly when worn with their product, they can’t achieve this with a front-facing carry. With a 3D ergonomic baby carrier like the Swiss-designed, Swiss quality MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Carrier, however, your baby can be worn front-facing with the legs in the correct position. In effect, having a 3D hipseat eliminates the possibility of carrying your baby wrong.

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