Baby Carriers and Wraps – how to choose the best one for you

Baby Carriers and Wraps – how to choose the best one for you

Are you a new or expecting parent researching baby wraps and carriers? Perhaps finding it daunting with so many options? How do you know what you will prefer, what is right for you and your baby? There are many options to choose from including price, colour and style so it is important to consider the right options.

Baby wraps and carriers provide a dual purpose – they allow your baby to have close bonding time, especially during unsettled periods, whilst providing functionality to be hands free when out and about or to allow multi-tasking.

So what is the difference between a baby wrap and carrier?

Baby Wraps provide a natural fitting extension to your body that breaths whilst allowing baby to be close enough to kiss. Wraps are essentially made from a long, wide piece of quality fabric which is wrapped around your body to keep your baby snug against your body. MOBY use a breathable blend of cotton rich fabrics that are stretchy to enough for comfort and support. Baby wraps are best from newborn to allow them to be closely snuggled in. Baby wraps can be used up to toddler or 15kg. MOBY has an extensive range of wraps including slings and MOBY Fit which include rings as a modern twist on the traditional wraps for ease of use.

Baby carriers are a structured carrier that also has a longer life span taking your child well into the toddler phase or up to 20.4kg. Baby carriers also have multiple positions. The MOBY MOVE carrier is an all-position carrier with four carrying positions to be used from newborn up to toddler. It’s lightweight, and adjustable with a slimline style. Most baby carriers also have added pockets so those essential small items such as car keys and mobile phone can be kept safe and easily accessible. Baby carriers such as MOBY MOVE also have added lumber support plus shoulder padding for extra support and comfort. Carriers also provide evenly distributed weight to protect baby’s hips to avoid hip dysplasia.

Options to consider with baby wraps and carriers

Whether you choose a baby wrap or baby carrier will depend on the following factors:

  • The age and weight of your child. Baby wraps can be used from newborn whereas some baby carriers can be used from 6 months of age.
  • Are you seeking extra support? If so baby carriers provide extra lumber support for heavier babies.
  • The frequency of use and lifestyle. Are you on the go a lot? Then you should consider which type of product would best suit you. Will you use this on most outings or mainly for when you just want to keep your child close for unsettled periods or keep hands free so you can multi task.
  • Whether or not you want to be able to carry accessories
  • How capable you are with putting together a wrap
  • Will your partner use a carrier or wrap as well? If so would your partner prefer to use?

With the above guide in mind, you will be able to better understand the key differences between these two accessories.

Our top tips for choosing the right carrier in 2020

MOBY 2-in-1 Carrier with Click-On Hip Seat

This unique hybrid carrier from MOBY combines the style and functionality of a baby carrier plus a hip seat for maximum comfort and practicality. This carrier has a 4-position design that allows for hand-free carrying and comfortable relaxation for baby; it also includes an easy click-on hip seat that can be used to provide additional comfort for when you want to hold your baby in a seated position whilst supporting your hips. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and the perfect accessory for growing babies who are learning to sit up.

MOBY MOVE All Position Carrier

Miamily Hipster Smart Carrier

Miamily is well known for their practical yet stylish carriers, and the Hipster Smart is no exception. This carrier is designed to put as little strain on the parent's hips as possible, while providing comfort to the baby as well. The 'Smart' model comes with 3 times more storage than their other carriers with organizational pockets for everything you or your baby might need, such as bottles, your wallet, and other baby accessories. It comes with the ability to modify the carrier with 6 different carrier positions, so you can your baby can be comfortable no matter how you prefer to use it.  

If you are looking for a great baby carrier for 2020, consider the above well-reviewed carriers for your needs.

What to Remember When Choosing a Carrier for Newborn or Infant

While you search for a baby carrier for your newborn or infant, you must remember one crucial factor: newborns require extra support for their neck and back and not all carriers can be used from newborn or without an infant insert. As your baby gets older and is more capable of supporting themselves, they will be able to use carriers that require self-support.

For Newborns: MOBY MOVE Baby Carrier

If you are looking for a carrier that is specifically designed for newborns, then the MOBY MOVE ticks those boxes. It is an all position carrier that provides a slimline, breathable structure that can be used from newborn right through to toddler. It also doesn’t require an infant insert and is comfortable to wear. The four positions of the MOBY MOVE start from parent facing/newborn, to hip carry and world facing with the later benefit of back carry for those longer journeys. The MOBY MOVE is an ideal, easy to use carrier that is adaptable and easily used from newborn for those close cuddles and firm support. 

For Older Infants: Miamily Hipster Essential Carrier

This unique and innovative baby carrier can be manipulated into 3 different carrying positions and includes an ergonomic seat for maximum comfort that will protect your baby's hips. There are padded shoulders for extra comfort and an option for a single-strap so you can increase the carrying positions available for this carrier. The carrier also includes plenty of pockets for storing essential items. The hip seat can support children who are up to 17kg., so it is ideal for older babies.

Miamily’s hip-based carriers are comfortable to wear and comfortable for babies to sit in, too!

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