Meet Merrill, Tim and baby Leo

Traveling wedding photographers, Tim and Merrill have lived coast-to-coast. They welcomed baby Leo to the lively streets of NYC and share their love of art, food, and culture with him.

What was the best part of motherhood in a big city like NYC?

The best thing about being a new parent in a city like New York is the 24 hour delivery services. No need to stock the freezer when you can order anything your heart desires when you’re up for a 1am feeding (and 3am and 4am!). No need to run out to the store with a crying newborn when you realize you’re about to use the last diaper when you can get it delivered in an hour from Amazon Prime Now. Worried about a meltdown at the grocery store? Get it delivered!

Where were your favorite places to take Leo in NYC? 

New York is such a walkable city, you can walk down the same street every day and find something new every time! We really enjoyed just strolling through the neighborhood, taking him through the park, down along the river, into all of the community gardens.

Did your favorite spots in the City changed since having a baby?
One of the great things about New York is the amount of fabulous restaurants, especially in our East Village neighborhood. We always loved going out to eat before we had a baby, and we didn’t want to give up our favorite spots after he was born! It was a little trickier, what with trying to fit a bulky stroller in some of these hole-in-the-wall spots, but it was definitely worth it to get out of the house and feel like we were normal New Yorkers!

Merrill-Downtown-BirchBlack-3201_1 Tim

PPB Quick 3

A fun family plays… music! Tim plays the guitar and I sing, or we just turn up the jams and dance around the house with Leo to make him laugh. He particularly likes Taylor Swift. 

Our family spends time… with the baby! He’s five months old now and is definitely all-consuming. We are so lucky that we get to work from home so that we can both spend as much time with Leo as possible and really see all of the daily changes that he goes through. It’s already flying by so fast! [can remove the italicized copy if it’s too much for a PPB Quick 3”

On a Saturday morning, you’ll find us… walking to get coffee and donuts.

Favorite product from the shoot: The Boxy Backpack “I loved it because… it fit absolutely everything while having a changing pad built in, and I love that you can have both hands free to take care of the baby!


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