Introducing MOBY’s 2-In-1 Hipseat Baby Carrier, Hip Dysplasia Approved.

Leading the way within the industry of baby carriers, it’s no wonder MOBY has recently launched its convenient and innovative 2-in-1 Hipseat Baby Carrier. The wealth of functionality-focussed features and benefits are some of the reasons why this carrier is sure to make your life a whole lot easier.

With a stylish and elegant design, a durable nature, high-quality materials and the utmost attention to offering parents a carrier that has it all, MOBY has truly outdone themselves. With extensive experience developing, designing and creating baby carriers as well as a deep understanding of parent’s needs, MOBY continuously provides Mums & Dads with an easier way to live their life. Now, that’s something worth celebrating!

The Features + The Benefits

The 2-in-1 Hipseat Hip Dysplasia Approved Baby Carrier features both a traditional 4-position carrier as well as a hip seat when you’re in need of extra support and carrying assistance. Suitable for both infants and toddlers, the baby wearing product is sure to suit you and your children’s needs thanks to its versatile nature.

The click-and-go design as well as the soft structure carrier allows you the freedom and joy that’s granted when you’re hands free. With durable material, the carrier is long-lasting and sure to see your child through to their infancy and beyond. With the supportive back, Hip Dysplasia approved, strong straps and stable hipseat carrier promise peace-of-mind and reflect the carrier’s functionality.

 Hip Dysplasia Baby Carrier

Whether you’re toddlers just learning to walk or crawling for the first time, the carrier caters to your child being moved up and down, easily and freely. Considering the aforementioned features and benefits as well as the carriers convenient, versatile and supportive nature, it’s clear the 2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat is the perfect baby wearing solution to meet both the needs of you and your child.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

How The Carrier Can Make Your Life Easier

No matter what age or stage your child’s at, the 2-in-1 Baby Carrier by MOBY understands parent’s needs. Ensuring your life is as stress-free as possible is the carrier’s main mission. Whether you’re in need of support when resting your child on your hip or you’re seeking the traditional 4-position carrier, MOBY has considered it all.

 The versatile nature of the carrier as well as the slick design and functionality allows you to focus on what matters most, without the unnecessary worry of having an inefficient way to carry and support your child. Plus, with extra room for storing everyday essentials and the ability to remove the straps entirely, the carrier also functions as a wrap-around bag on your waist. If you’re in need of a holding place for snacks, disinfectant or nappies, the carrier offers you the perfectly positioned pocket to do so.  


The Verdict

Whether you’re in need of a replacement for your pre-existing carrier or would like to embrace the endlessly rewarding world of baby carriers, MOBY’s 2-in-1 Hip Dysplasia Baby Carrier should be your go-to. The minimalist and sophisticated design along with an array of features focussed on making your life easier, including the ability to use the carrier in its traditional form or as a hipseat carrier, illustrate why this 2-in-1 Baby Carrier is in a league of its own.

Call To Action:

If you’re ready to experience the joy for yourself, the 2-in-1 Carrier + Hipseat is available online and can be found at most Baby Specialty Retailers within Australia.

MOBY also offers an array of other baby wearing products including the MOBY MOVE All Position Carrier, wraps and slings and are all Hip Dysplasia Baby Carrier Approved.

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