Top three Baby Carrier Backpacks & Child carrier backpacks in Australia

Nowadays, it has become rather popular and common for parents in the Western world to have baby carrier backpacks. The need and practice to transport the baby has not changed over the years but the way does. The modern way by using infant child carriers has many advantages and here are given only four basic ones.

  1. The child carrier enables the baby’s physical development. How? When the infant is attached to the mother while she is moving, breathing and being warm, it becomes in tune with all these. This helps the little one to balance and set its own physical responses to the world! The only effective way to do that better is to get in touch with the living human being under normal conditions.
  2. The safety of a sling is likeable to the toddlers. Although the sling is mainly associated with babies, the toddlers can also use it. It provides a lovely safe place to cuddle up with the mother or father. So, it may give a sense of confidence to the small child.
  3. Baby carriers backpacks can provide a feeling of security and reassurance to both parties. Instead of being separated and feeling insecure, you have the baby attached to you and have control of its moving and function.
  4. Provides a closer relation between the caregiver and baby. The little one is constantly in touch with the caregiver instead of being sited somewhere else…

Our Top 3 in no particular order are:

MOBY-  2-in-1 hipseat carrier (Reversible, Forward-facing & Backpack Style)

MiaMilly Smart (Reversible, Forward-facing & Backpack Style)

MiaMilly 3d Hit seat (Reversible, Forward-facing & Backpack Style)



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