MOBY Wrap Baby Carrier For Newborns

MOBY Baby Carrier

An immediate category leader after introducing our classic wrap in 2003, the MOBY name (Mother & Baby) is synonymous with babywearing. Globally recognized, we are trusted experts that know the importance of keeping babies close, calm, and happy. We’re focused on creating products that encourage bonding over special moments, shared discoveries, and within the day-to-day of being Close Enough to Kiss™. We innovate to meet the varying needs of today’s parents and babies, with designs developed to adapt with baby, always offering comfort, safety, versatility, and effortless style.

Baby carriers & baby slings have been around as long as babies have been around. Different regions with different needs have developed unique carries. With the internet making the world a smaller place every day, you can now find baby carriers of all shapes, forms and fashions. With a little searching on MOBY, you are sure to find a baby carrier that will fit your needs.

Every baby will have different needs and every mother will have different requirements. One child may do wonderfully in a pouch and the second child (from the same parents) may refuse to stay put. Time can also be a factor. If you are only going to be using the pouch for a few minutes, then something that takes lots of straps or wrapping may not be justified.

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MOBY Baby Carrier Wrap

The Ring Sling is one that is great for giving you a free hand around the house and is mostly used with newborn babies. It consists of a length of cloth that is attached to two rings on one side. The other end of the cloth is threaded through the two rings, forming a pouch for baby. When the baby is in the pouch, the weight of the baby causes the threaded fabric to lock into place.

Fabric Pouches are similar in use to the Ring Sling, only without the rings. They consist of one solid length of cloth that is draped over the mother’s shoulders and creates a pouch for the baby. We’ve fine-tuned and expanded our collections over the years, working with new fabrics and carrying options, design collaborations, prints, playful colours, and even ventures into new product categories. We’ve won countless consumer and industry awards, and are still growing and evolving today. We welcome you into our world and are pleased to be part of your parenting adventure.

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