The 100% cotton MOBY Classic wrap is perfect for newborns (from 3.6-15kgs), the close cuddle will help you bond your little one - even when you’re on-the-go. It offers an easy-to-use, hands-free way to evenly distribute baby’s weight across your back and hips, making for a comfortable carry and hassle-free adventures.


The versatile MOBY Wrap offers multiple carrying positions as baby grows, plus one-size-fits-all comfort for parents and caregivers – making it the perfect carrier to encourage bonding throughout baby’s developmental stages. The wrap evenly distributes the weight of carrying a baby across the back and hips, allowing for on-the-go comfort and hassle-free adventures. MOBY – Close Enough to Kiss.

This breastfeeding friendly wrap is perfect for feeding on the go.

About the Fabric

Always a Classic… this wrap is 100% Cotton. Cotton is soft, breathable, easy-to-care for and reliably holds its shape when wrapping. No wonder it’s the most popular fabric in the world! Cotton is also the ideal choice if you are looking for a hypo-allergenic fabric that will be extra gentle on newborn skin.

Fit and dimensions 

• Age range newborn (from 3.6kgs) to toddler (up to 15kgs)

• MOBY Wraps are generously sized at 4.9 meters or 16 ft. long.

• MOBY Wraps are size inclusive and intended for parents of most sizes and heights.

• MOBY Wraps will fit parents from petite to plus sized.

• Petite and slender customers may wrap the excess tail behind their back and bring forward again to tie in front. 

• Individuals with wider waists may find it more comfortable to tie the wrap behind their back.

Notes from Moby's Babywearing Educator

MOBY Wrap actually came out the same year as my first baby! It was a big part of my journey into babywearing education. I wore my children in the MOBY Classic, and have helped so many parents realize the benefits of wrapping using the MOBY Wrap - less crying, improved bonding, less reflux. I recommend the Classic Wrap for carrying bigger babies. The all-cotton fabric is sturdy, but soft and dependable. It's also ideal for anyone looking for a gentle, hypo-allergenic fabric.

Washing Instructions

• Machine wash your wrap with gentle detergent using cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle. Hang dry or use the lowest dryer setting.

MOBYCustomer Support


How do I wash my Moby Wrap?

 Machine wash your wrap with gentle detergent using cold water and the gentle or delicate cycle. Hang dry or use the lowest dryer setting.

Your Moby wrap may shrink slightly in the dryer, but will stretch out again after being worn. Washing instructions are located on the back of the Moby tag sewn into your Moby Wrap.

How do I wear a Moby Wrap with a newborn?

Can I wear a Moby Wrap in summer/a warm climate?

Yes, you can. Wearing a baby in any carrier will create extra heat, so we recommend dressing yourself and your baby lightly and keeping exposure to high temperatures to a minimum whenever possible. Go with a lighter coloured wrap or the Moby Evolution Wrap, which has been designed with a more breathable fabric.

Can I wear a Moby Wrap with a baby under 3.6kgs?

Wrap and sling style baby carriers are required to be labeled with a minimum starting weight of 3.6kg (8lbs). For babies under this weight, please check with your healthcare provider to get the okay before using a Moby Wrap. Many hospitals use Moby Wraps in their NICUs and Moby wraps have been beneficial for families practicing skin to skin contact with their premature babies. For low birth weight babies and preemies it is especially important to be vigilant about checking babies positioning and paying close attention to baby’s breathing and sounds. No matter baby’s size, make sure baby is always visible and kissable with no fabric covering baby’s face.

How long can I wear my baby in a wrap?

All day if you are comfortable, especially if you have a baby that needs to be held 24/7. Just remember to do regular safety checks and make adjustments to the carrier throughout the day if you’re feeling pressure anywhere.

How do I choose which wrap is right for me?

Firstly - try not to over think it. All Moby Wraps are the same length, work the same way, do the same thing. The key differences in the Moby Wrap range is the fabrics:

Elements Wrap - Poly/cotton blend. Lightweight. More Affordable.

Classic Wrap - 100% cotton. Natural and breathable. A little thicker/more supportive material. 

Evolution Wrap - Cotton/Viscous Blend. Natural and lightweight. Softer and more premium.

Another way to choose the right wrap is simply picking the colour you prefer. Check out our guide to choosing your Moby colour. 

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