What Are the LÍLLÉbaby 6 carry positions?


LÍLLÉbaby carriers offer 6-in-1 carry positions for versatility including parent facing, forward facing, hip and back carry to grow and adapt your carrier as you and your baby's needs change. 

These versatile carriers also allow parents to choose between two carry positions for their newborn - legs in fetal carry or legs out. So you can decide which option suits your baby best. 

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LÍLLÉbaby Carry Positions

It can be confusing when you hear that LÍLLÉbaby offer 6 carry positions - and while you might not need to use every single different position, it's nice to know you have options!

Newborn Carry Positions

LÍLLÉbaby carriers is offering parents the option of two newborn carry positions - the standard "legs out" carry position, using the narrow seat, which is the most common carry position with most modern baby carriers or you can carry with baby's legs in "fetal carry position" with using the newborn pillow sold separately.

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1. Front Fetal Carry 0-3 Months (approx)

  • Wide Seat 
  • Newborn Pillow (Sold Separately)

The benefit of the Front Fetal carry as the name suggests, this position mimics the position your newborn baby was in the womb. With legs inside the carrier your baby will be extra snug and cosy. While you will need to purchase the Newborn Pillow, alternatively you can watch this video showing how to try out the Fetal Carry position using a small rolled up blanket. Just to be sure you (and your baby!) like this position. 

Perfect for parents who'd prefer not to have baby's legs on the outside of the carrier to keep their baby's legs covered either for sun or wind protection.

2. Infant Front Inward Carry 0-12month (approx)

  • Narrow Seat

This position is the most commonly found carry position on modern baby carriers, with narrow seat and legs out. This carry position is safe for your newborn and you can be continue to use this narrow seat position the way up to approximately 6-12 months (depending on your baby size and leg length)

Perfect for ease of use and nothing extra to add in to the carrier to make it suitable for your newborn. Just adjust the seat width and you're ready to move on to wide seat position. 

3. Outward Facing 6-18months (approx)

  • Narrow Seat

Forward facing is a great way to let your little one experience the world from your point of view. 

Perfect for older babies who are awake and becoming more aware of their surroundings and want to see where they're going! Just be mindful that infants can become overstimulated quickly so if they start to fuss you can turn them back in to face you. 

4. Front Inward Carry 6+ month (approx)

  • Wide Seat

One of the wonderful things about the LILLEbaby carriers is they can accommodate quite a big toddlers even in a front, inward carry position. 

Perfect for cuddles on the go with your bigger baby or toddler, once they've outgrown the narrow seat position. 

5. Hip Carry 6month+ (approx)

Hip carry position is one of the lesser used and known carry positions that LILLEbaby offers. It does take a bit of practise getting the shoulder straps connected up to create a cross-body sling.

Perfect for little ones who want the best of both worlds! They want to see what's going on in front of them but don't to take their eyes off the most important thing in their world - you! 

6. Back Carry 6months+ (approx)

While some babies might be ready for the back carry position from approximately 6months most parents don't start using this position until around one year old - when you and your baby both are feeling confident getting into position.

Think of back carrying like a hands-free, supported, piggy back!  

Perfect for long walks, hiking, travel or even just getting things done around the house! Having your baby or toddler on your back means your arms are completely free and also the weight distribution with back carrying is much more comfortable as your little one gets bigger! 

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